Welcome to the 2020-2021 year at Ruth. M. Buck!

Marvel Team

If you’re visiting my website you may be one of my Cohort Team students, family members or staff, and I am here to welcome you! Let’s be honest life has changed a lot since last March. We’ve seen one of the most drastic transitions of our lifetimes and the situation requires us to be flexible, empathetic and accommodating. While I am very sad to say goodbye to my French program and all 450 of my students I am extremely excited to get to spend more time with our Grade 6’s, 7’s and 8’s. I will get to see each class I work with every single day and I cannot wait to become even closer with all of you. My biggest concern has always been making sure everyone has access to my materials and lessons. Enter this fabulous space! Along with archives from our work last fall you will be able to find lessons we are working on, resources to help, community building activities I am running and especially our school-wide challenges. Check-in regularly to see what wonderful things we have running or to catch up on anything you may have missed.