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Let’s face it, we’re all stressed, feeling anxious and looking for a way to connect. So how about a colouring page community? Each week I will draw you a new colouring sheet for fun and inspiration. Know that they are made with hours of love for you my students as a positive distraction from the craziness we are experiencing. So take a few minutes and do some self-care. Visit this page regularly to see all of the creations our community has made. Download the printable pdf’s and print off your own at home or send in a digital copy. After you have finished colouring your custom made colouring sheets SHARE them! Why keep your beautiful work to yourself? Simply take a picture of the hard copy and email it to me. (There is a direct link to my email in the “contact” section of this blog or email me at my RBE email.) Or email me the digital copy you have made. I will post your fabulous drawings here and you’ll be able to see other students and community members work as well. 🙂

April 7th, 2020: First Submissions (thank you and how exciting to see this community begin!)

Thank you, Avery, the first submission and it’s special! Happy Easter everyone, feel free to follow Avery’s lead and send me your original artwork so I can celebrate your creativity as well!

Our first colouring sheet returned! Great job and thank you, Kyler, Charizard looks awesome!

Lincoln in Grade 1 did a lovely job on his sheet. I especially love the BLAZERS colouring! Good job!

Elizabeth in grade 4 submitted this colouring piece and I can see she did a great job using a graphic design program. Nice work!

An outstanding submission by Sarah in Grade 4! Thank you for the care you put into colouring this, I love the dragon and “Blazers” flames!

This piece was featured on my social media page it was so impressive! Excellent job Sydney in Grade 1. This is gorgeous!

Great job Mariyah in Grade 4! Using a graphic design program is very challenging but you’ve done a great job with this. I love the coloured eggs and the tones in the bunny (especially the pink under the  ear!)

Lincoln has been featured before in this community but now you get the chance to see meet this fantastic artist. Great job kiddo! I LOVE receiving your artwork and this Easter piece is very well done.

I drew this poster when I was dreaming of a classroom in University, it is such a pleasure to see it come to life now, by one of my special kiddos. I will be replacing that black and white original (hanging in my classroom now) with Kyler’s excellent submission. I love the colours you chose! This piece was such a favourite, it was featured on my social media account as well!

A pair of beautiful submissions from a great family!! Alyssa (above) in Kindergarten and her sister, Jenny (below) in Grade 3 have created these two pieces. I love Alyssa’s use of fun colours and Jenny’s dark Charizard (it really pops!) and lettering. Great job you two!

This an exciting first-time entry from one of our Grade 2 Blazers, Grady. He did a great job colouring in the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda! Welcome to the community Grady I have certainly been missing your artwork!

Featured in last week’s newsletter, Mr. Lincoln is back to brighten our community

Emerson in Grade 2/3 is joining the community this week. Happy to have you join and you did a great job on this Blazers drawing. I love the colours you chose for Charizard and the BLAZERS letters! Nice job!

Welcome, Atlin to our colouring community! Really beautiful job on your In This Together piece! I love your blue-eyed Baby Yoda and the orange colours you matched for the Mandalorian. Très Bien!

Zoe from 2/3 is also a brand new community member. Fantastic job on your submission Zoe! I think your Baby Yoda looks great and I love the Mandalorians helmet. Merçi!

Welcome back to the community artist, Mariyah! You are becoming an excellent graphic designer! I absolutely love this new contribution of yours, when I first opened the attachment, I gasped! The colours and effects make this a really fun digital piece.

Mr. Bentley in Grade 4 submitted the next piece. Using a digital upload to edit is a challenging task! When I edit the colouring sheets it usually takes me 4-5 hours, I can tell this was a lot of work, time and patience. Thank you Bentley!

Our Grade 4’s have been making wonderful contributions this week to our community. Another first-timer, Chase has submitted the below piece. I love the colours you used and experimentation with the effects I can see. C’est Fantastique!

Two first-time entries from Grade 1 and Grade 3. Great job with the Yoda’s and I especially love seeing your creativity with the Mandalorian helmet. Bienvenue à notre communauté! (Welcome to our community!)

I just LOVE seeing families working on these colouring pages together. Receiving this submission this morning was a highlight of this whole project. Great work on your “Isolation Buddy” drawings you three and welcome first-time artist Jake! (Shared on social media.)

These next two submissions are from another first-time Community member. Mrs. Keira has done a phenomenal job with both of these two colouring pages. I really like the colours you chose on your Yoda drawing and hope someone special loved your Snoopy piece! Formidable!

Welcome back digital artist Mariyah! We are so lucky to have you in our community. Mariyah is one of our dedicated contributors who has been with us since the very beginning. I look forward to receiving her work every week! (I really like your creative choices with this one Mariyah! Snoopy and Woodstock look great in purple and baby blue!)

Another excellent entry to add to our colouring community from our very first member! Kyler is back with his version of the “In This Together” piece. I especially appreciate the colours he chose for the Mandalorian helmet and gear, it makes him look more realistic. Really nice work again Kyler! Merci! (Shared on Social Media). 

Really thankful to have this kiddo in the community. Lincoln has submitted in colourful and creative creations that get better every week! This piece is no exception, I love your bright colours and especially the stickers you added! I am positive this is going to be a really special gift for someone. C’est excellent!

Welcome brand new member Hudson! Your first two submissions are really great! I especially like your Baby Yoda! Can’t wait to see what you bring to the community next week!


Bonjour ençore Kyler et Bienvenue! Great job on this Isolation Buddy piece! I really like Snoopy in brown!


This week I need to send a shout out to one of our fantastic teachers who has been critical in this community’s success. Mrs. Hinks class have been really involved with submissions every single week! Thank you, Mrs. Hinks and especially thank you to your wonderful artists!




This next piece has been done really well and deserves some special celebration. Thank you Elizabeth for this lovely submission. I think you did an excellent job colouring Professor Ru digitally! Très bien mon amie!

Welcome back artist Keira, this submission caught my eye and took my breath away, the colours are so close to Professor Ru’s it’s just about spot on. Je suis fièr de toi!

Welcome to the community Ethan and Duncan! I love your first submissions. Your dogs are really well done. Miss seeing those big smiles in my class. 🙂 Merci!

Another absolutely beautiful piece from our Grade 2/3 class, Zoe. I love this “Isolation Buddy” piece and especially that it was made for her Mom! I hope she loved it, I certainly did!

Jenny did a really great job of colouring this “Chiot Pandémique” piece, the colours are so accurate to the real Professor Ru. (Even Mrs. Hinks thought so!) Excellent Travail!

Kyler in Grade 4 has returned with another excellent piece, thank you for your dedication! Professor Ru’s markings are perfect! Great job!

Bienvenue nouveau membre Sarah qui est dans le quatrième année classe! We are so happy to have your artistic creations here! Well done on Professor Ru, a beautiful job done and I especially love the purple heart. His tag is actually the same colour!

Welcome Judah in Grade 6! Thank you for your participation and I just LOVE your Professor Ru, great job! I really miss your back table crew!

Our fabulous artist Mr. Lincoln is back with two submissions. This student is SO dedicated. I appreciate you! Check your email for a special message from me, you’ve won your own colouring sheet design!

Featured on my Social Media Kyler has returned once again to improve our community with his talent! I really like both pieces but am especially a fan of the “Nous Aimons Notre École”, I love how bright and happy it is.

Welcome to the community Aiden from Grade 6/7. Great job with this piece, I really like it. Especially the way you contrasted the dragons with blues and the black (the fire in the heart looks great too!).  Merci mon amie, très bien!

Our Graphic Artists from Mrs. Hinks class have returned with some fabulous digital productions. Thank you Mariyah, Rishon and Elizabeth for continuing to inspire our community. Your work is getting better and better and I love receiving your submissions. Bravo!

Elizabeth, Grade 4

Mariyah, Grade 4

Rishon, Grade 4

Please join me in welcoming new artist Presley from Grade 2. We are so happy to include you in our community and especially to upload your artwork! I just LOVE these two pieces and they will be featured in our newsletter!


This week I was very excited to see the return of two of our artists Mr. Ethan (Grade 2) and Mr. Duncan (Grade 4). It is SO wonderful to receive submissions from the whole family (almost) and I just love getting to reconnect with these special kiddos!

Back and full of colour artist Keira has returned this week with two smashing hits. I really like the use of bright and happy colours for the “Nous Aimons” piece I think you knocked Master Briere’s piece out of the park as well! (Votre arbre est fantastique!) Bravo mon amie!


Let’s all take a minute to celebrate Mrs. Mariyah’s digital piece. Week after week I continue to see improvements but this week makes me really proud. The fire you created with your graphic design program is outstanding. Great job!

Back again is another talented digital artist, Mr. Rishon. I am a big fan of students demonstrating creative choice and Rishon loves to play with the lines in pieces. Great job this week! I expect Master Briere is a fan as well!

Our last digital upload for this week comes from Bentley, who I really miss teaching. He’s full of energy, creative and as you can see, artistic. I really like your choice to make the wolves red, it’s unique and I think it creates a nice contrast. C’est Géniale!

Another new member to the community, welcome Oakley in Grade 2. As you can see she’s been busy creating beautiful artwork. We’re lucky to have you join us and I can’t wait to see what you contribute to the community next week!

An exciting contribution from the designer himself, “Master Briere” has submitted his finished piece from this week’s colouring. Having been chosen as our creative contributor Master Briere was specific with his vision and I think this collaboration was a huge success. Merci mon amie!

Welcome back Domanic in 2/3 with this brilliant and colourful “Nous Aimons Notre École” I really like all of the different greens you used your dragon looks awesome!